70 Baby Names that Mean Strength

Name Nerd here! There is nothing more exciting to me than helping you name your tiny bundle of joy! Or maybe you are searching for a new name for yourself, because the name that your parents chose just is NOT you. There is no need for you to sift through a million lists or books. I do the work for you! Check out the 70 best baby names that mean strength!

1. Ekana: Modern and unique, Ekana is a name from Hawaii. There are so many Alana and Alayna names that are popular now. This has a similar sound without the popularity. Kani is a cute nickname too. Probably, don’t name your white kid this though. You know?

2. Kahlan: This fits in with the popular boys name sound of the day, but has a different twist. Hailing from Ireland, Kahlan is like a fresher Collin! I think this could be a great gender neutral name too!

3. Solveig: I’ve heard his name on a little girl and they pronounced it Solvay. It totally fit her and was so pretty. This Norwegian name could work on a little boy or girl. I’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t think to use this on my own kiddo.

4. Abira: Abira is Hebrew and has a spunky, yet beautiful sound. It’s girly without being too frilly. It also comes with the nickname Abby, without jumping on the Abigail bandwagon.

5. Matilda: Madisons and Madelines are ruling the land, but Matilda from Ireland can save the day. It comes with two potential nicknames Mattie and Tilda. It’s got history, literary connections, and a great sound!

6. Haydin: This gender neutral name is a great choice if you like popular names that will easily fit in with the rest of the class. It is the least heard of the Braden, Kaiden, Jayden, Aiden epidemic.

7. Adira: Arabian and gorgeous, Adira is a perfect name for your little girl. I think Addy and Dira are both great nicknames. It’s unique without being too outlandish. I prefer Adira to Abira if I had to choose.

8. Edward: Strong and classic, Edward is a great choice for parents who like traditional names. It has had quite a bump from the popularity of one of the major characters from the series “Twilight.” Eddie will always be a cool nickname.

9. Carlo: Carl is tired, but the French Carlo, is fresher and exciting. This could be a great way to pay homage to an older family name without the name sounding old.

10. Emmett: This German name has a great sound and manages to sound fresh and modern. It’s also a great name for parents who don’t like nicknames. It is definitely coming back into popularity. The only downfall is so are a lot of the “EM” names for kids.

11. Bairaj: A great Indian name, Bairaj has a great punch to it and comes with the great nickname, Raj. It is commonly used as a surname, but does that really stop any of us anymore?

12. Aila: Short and sweet, Aila is a perfect Scottish name for your little girl. It’s got a beautiful look and sound. You could probably play around with the spelling as well.

13. Aindreas: Irish and Scottish, Aindreas is a really strong name. It is a fancier Andrew, but is still approachable. It’s definitely a cool name to consider for your little boy.

14. Takeo: I know a little boy with this name and it is such an awesome Japanese name. It just has such a great sound and Keo is a really cute nickname too. Reminder, do your best not to culturally appropriate baby names my fellow white people.

15. Aitan: Aiden is really popular, but the Israeli Aitan is a great alternative that still gives you a similar sound. I’m surprised this one hasn’t taken off in the U.S. yet.

16. Kalman: I think this is a really cool name and I love the nickname Kal, but I’m not sure I love that it rhymes with salmon. Maybe you LOVE salmon though, and it is a total plus for you?

17. Honovi: Native American (Hopi Origin)for strong, Honovi has a really wonderful sound and I absolutely adore the nickname Novi. I think this has potential to be a gender neutral name.

18. Carlotta: This is a great name if you like something frilly with a throw back style. Lottie is a great nickname as well. With names like Josephine and Penelope coming back, Carlotta will fit right in.

19. Ajax: Jack and Jackson are really popular, but this name from Greece gives you the same sound and nickname without the popularity.

20. Megan: I love this name. Probably, because it is the name of my best friend. It’s a name everyone knows without being too popular like it was 10 years ago. It’s timeless and perfect for any kid.

21. Bridget: This Celtic name is a great choice. It’s spunky and classic all at the same time. I’m assuming it will be a name that makes a big come back in the next decade.

22. Isidore: Isabella is being used to the point of exhaustion right now. It’s pretty surprising that Isidore or Isadora haven’t become popular. I definitely recommend this alternative!

23. Ethan: Hebrew, classic, and popular, Ethan is a great choice for parents who like a safe, strong name. It has a great sound. It’s like the new Michael or David.

24. Karlis: Can’t decide between Carly and Alyssa? Well, have I got the name for YOU! Karlis is a cool name for sure and has a lot of potential.

25. Alcina: Greek for strong minded, Alcina is a really cool name that sounds fresh and modern. Cina and Alci are cool nickname too. The Greek names are really making a popularity crossover, with names like Athena headed straight to the top.

26. Allon: A subtle difference on the name Alan, this Hebrew name is a great choice that fits in with the popular baby names of the day but still manages to be a bit unique.

27. Egon: I really like the strong sound of this name. It’s like Ethan’s cooler cousin. It’s great for parents who want a name that people won’t latch a cutesy nickname on to. I’m a little bit kicking myself for not using this one too.

28. Barnard: Barney on “How I Met Your Mother” brought the coolness of the name away from the purple dinosaur. Barnard is a great name to provide you the Barney nickname. One downfall, is it sort of sounds like barn yard.

29. Takeshi: This Japanese name is a great possiblity and I just love the nicknames Kesh and Keshi.

30. Kellina: Kelly has gone out of style but the Scottish Kellina, is a really fresh choice. It comes with the nicknames Kellie or Lina and it is really beautiful and unique.

31. Allonia: This gorgeous Hebrew name comes with three solid nicknames. Alli, Loni, and Nia are all adorable for little girls and sleek on a woman. Allonia is a great choice if you want a name similar to Alana or Alayna, but need a twist. I am surprised this name doesn’t have more popularity yet. You could be the trendsetter.

32. Carolina: Classic and girly, Carolina is a name that can really grow up with a little girl. With two possible pronunciations and two great nicknames in Carrie and Lina, it is a solid choice.

33. Bellanca: Bianca is finding new popularity, but I prefer Greece’s Bellanca. It has such flair and gives the nickname Bella without having to use the tired Isabella. I’m surprised Bellanca hasn’t found popularity yet. I feel like the 2030s are going to see lots of little Bellancas running around.

34. Amalda: A sturdier Mallory, the German Amalda is classy and fits right in with some of the older names that are becoming popular again. Mabel, Josephine, and Amalda could certainly be best friends on the playground.

35. Conall: A mix of Connor and Colonel, Conall is a cool choice for your baby. It’s got the feel of Collin, but with a twist. It sounds familiar, but still manages to be completely unique.

36. Mirit: A lovely little name that hails from Israel, Mirit is like a modern Megan or Martin. It could work on a boy, a girl, or someone gender fluid and it has great punch and spirit.

37. Jarold: Jarred is a popular boys name and Jarold adds a hint of a twist. If you have a Jerry and a Harold to name your son after, than this is perfect.

38. Tosh: If Tosh.0 is your favorite show, then why not choose this name from Denmark. It’s short and can’t have a nickname. It’s a cooler Josh. I feel like it is gender neutral as well.

39. Everett: This name is rising in popularity. It has a hip sound and is more exciting than Evan and Owen. It is sort of like a modern Stephen.

40. Amos: With some of the older names coming back into style, the Hebrew Amos should be on that list. It’s short and has a great energy to it.

41. Kemina: Kimberly is tired, but the Spanish Kemina, is full of life. It has two great nicknames in Kemi and Mina and it is such a beautiful name!

42. Nalda: A lovely Spanish name, Nalda is short and pretty. I love the nickname Nal and it has two potential pronunciations.

43. Brannon: This name fits right into the mix of popular names. It’s a cooler Brandon and the nickname Bran is so cute. Of course, there is the whole Game of Thrones reference.

44. Amzi: Amzi hails from Israel, and may be two short for some parents, but I think it’s a snazzy name. It’s definitely gender neutral.

45. Merek: This is the perfect modern substitute for Mark. It’s like a fancier Derek. It’s got a great recognizable sound but still sounds different.

46. Conley: The Irish Conley, has a great sound and can work as a gender neutral name. It’s a more exciting Conor. It’s a cousin to Wesley and fits in with other names of the day.

47. Darick: The “a” adds a nice touch to the usual Derick. It’s a more traditional sounding name with just a tiny kick. It’s crazy how much one little vowel can change the feel of a name.

48. Imre: Isla and Esme are on the rise and Imre fits right in to the short, sublte and sweet baby names. It’s a great alternative to Emma which is so crazy popular.

49. Minka: Minka Kelly has put this name on the radar. With names like Mia and Mila on the rise, Minka is a really cool alternative. It’s beautiful and has a great vibe.

50. Brogan: This Irish name is a perfect substitute for Logan and Brody. It’s the best of both worlds and manages to sound familiar and unique all at once.

51. Jarret: Jared is so tired. Throw a “t” on the end and suddenly it sounds hip and fresh and ready to roll.

52. Treasa: Ireland gives us another treat with Treasa. It’s kind of like a simpler and punchier Teresa and is a great choice for your little one.

53. Kirek: I’ve never been a fan of the simplicity of Kirk, but Kirek has a similar sound and the extra syllable really wins me over.

54. Aziz: I love the letter “z” in names, so I can’t really go wrong with this strong name.

55. Kenzo: Kenneth is so dated, but Kenzo is awesome. I just feel like this would be the coolest kid on the whole playground.

56. Burkett: I love the name Beckett, but if you want something a little wilder, Burkett could be the name for you!

57. Arsenio: I’m a big Arsenio Hall fan, and frankly this is one cool name. There’s no reason more little kids shouldn’t have it. I also love Nio as a nickname.

58. Donaghy: As surname first names go, Donaghy is a cool one. Donald will never come back, thanks to the duck, (and the President) but Donaghy is hip and cool. It’s a great way to name a kid after grampa Donald.

59. Miriam: The older I get the more I like this name. I also adore Miri as a nickname. It’s a solid biblical name. There are also great spelling alternatives.

60. Bernetta: A beautiful French name, Bernetta has a lovely sound to it and is a spunkier Bernadette. Bernie and Netta are also great nickname possibilities.

61. Andreana: I adore this name and it is a beautiful take on names like Adriana. I like it even better, as I am a big fan of Andrea. It’s so lovely and would be perfect for your little one.

62. Donovan: This Celtic name is a really cool choice and is another great option over Donald. It’s sort of like a fancy Jonathan.

63. Quinlan: I love the name Quintin, but I like Quinlan even better. It fits in great with the popular names of the day, but has a cool twist to it. I expect this name to take of in the next couple decades.

64. Jerrell: There are a lot of grampas and uncles named Jerry, but the name sounds so dated. Jerrell is a great option to freshen up an old name for your little one.

65. Atonia: This Hebrew name is a cool play on Antonia. Who needs the “n” in there! Attie is a cute nickname, so is Toni and Nia!

66. Osiris: This is such a hip sounding name. You’ll never forget someone you meet with this name and it has such a cool sound.

67. Bernadina: Other than sounding like a location in California, Bernadina is a really cool name. It spruces up Bernice and Nadine into one awesome name. Bernie and Dina are both great nicknames.

68. Kwan: This Korean name packs a lot of punch. It’s great for parents who don’t like nicknames.

69. Forbes: I think this Scottish name is such a cool modern sounding choice for your little one. It’s got a strong sound and is recognizable even though it isn’t popular yet.

70. Warrick: Better than Patrick and Dominick, Warrick is where it’s at. I would definitely take this one into consideration! I would expect Warrick to take off soon.

Thank you to Nameberry and Meaning-of-Names for helping me search through the best baby names that mean strong. Let me know if there are any “strong” names I missed!



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