Very Specific Shahs: Mike and the Spoof Texts

One of these faces could be the perpetrator.

Show: Shahs of Sunset

Situation: Spoof Texting

Analyze: Who sent the spoof texts and why does it even matter.

Potential Perp: Literally anyone on planet earth

On Shahs of Sunset, alleged serial cheater Mike…

70 Baby Names that Mean Strength

Name Nerd here! There is nothing more exciting to me than helping you name your tiny bundle of joy! Or maybe you are searching for a new name for yourself, because the name that your parents chose just is NOT you. There is no…

It totally sounded like only these five kids were singing.

And looking at the stats! It has been a decade since we’ve watched New Directions take a JOURNEY into our homes and hearts. Let’s look back at which season one songs stood the test of time and which deserve a slushy to the face.

I had not watched Glee in…

Get your Halloween Dance on!

Get your students (or your own kids) on their feet and moving this Halloween with these great music videos!

I’m a music teacher, a nanny, and a mom. So, if you’re like me, you are always looking for new songs for kids. Whether your lesson plans are for the…

*To be fair, Marx was not a democratic socialist. Whatevs the Bros will come for me anyway.

This is not normal. This is not okay. We have fantastic candidates who are age appropriate and aren’t having heart surgery on the goddamn campaign trail. Keep reading to find out how right I am.

Hello, friends! Impeachment is upon us and with the right person elected, we might not…

Veronica Mars & Meredith Grey Go For a Drink

Two tortured characters compare notes on who has it worse. Veronica Mars or Meredith Grey?


If you are a Veronica Mars fan it has been a rough summer and not just because climate change and…

Jess Eisenberg

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