Best Halloween Songs for Kids

Get your Halloween Dance on!

Get your students (or your own kids) on their feet and moving this Halloween with these great music videos!

I’m a music teacher, a nanny, and a mom. So, if you’re like me, you are always looking for new songs for kids. Whether your lesson plans are for the classroom or for home, getting your kids on their feet and moving is another important way to learn. It’s also great exercise and can get you moving too! Here are some great Halloween songs to sing and get your groove on!


(1) Monster Shuffle (By: The Learning Station) Not only are the monsters adorable, the dance moves are spoken very clearly. The Learning Station has tons of great songs for little ones. This would be great for ages 2–8.

(2) The Skeleton Dance (By: Bounce Patrol) This dance is a bit harder, but will also get your kids moving in a different way as they pretend to be skeletons. The performers on Bounce Patrol are full of energy and have great harmonies too. This would be great for ages 4–10.

(3) Halloween Freeze Dance (By: The Sunny and Cecil Show) This one is really catchy and builds another dance move each verse. This gives kids time to catch on to each move before the dance gets a little trickier. Plus, kids LOVE a good freeze dance. This would be great for ages 3 and up.

(4) Monster Moves (By: Koo Koo Kanga Roo) I got to see this duo live at our local library and kids go crazy over them! They always have a fun beat and very active moves. This would be really great if you are a PE teacher. Even middle schoolers seem to find them cool! Great for ages 5 and up.

(5) Pumpkin Halloween Dance Song (By: Dream English Kids) This is definitely geared towards preschool. The dance moves are very simple and help with counting and pointing. Great for ages 1–5.

(6) Halloween Stomp (By: The Singing Walrus) Who knew a cartoon walrus could be such a hard rocker? This song leaves the actual dance moves more up to interpretation, which is great for kids to use their imagination to become each character. This is great for ages 1–8.

(7) Halloween Dance Party (By: Pink Fong) Brought to you by the Baby Shark people, this is a fun song that lets kids copy moves and do their own thing! Great for ages 2 and up.

(8) Halloween Dance Party (By: Jack Hartmann) This is a completely different song than the Pink Fong’s version. They performers are a little cheesy and that is perfect for preschoolers! They do a really great job at each character. This is great for ages 2–8.

(9) Monster Mash (By: Kidz Bop) This dance is next level! The kids are amazing in it. If you teach dance or want to really have your kids learn something tricky, this is perfect. Even high schoolers would have a fun challenge learning these moves. This is great for all ages.

(10) The Addams Family (By: GoNoodle) With the new movie version coming out, a new generation of kids is going to be Addams Family obsessed and ready to snap. GoNoodle does a great job of bringing even more dance moves to the Halloween classic! Great for all ages!

(11) The Purple People Eater (By: The Kidsongs Channel) The choreographed moves are during the chorus. I would incorporate a craft where the kids get to make their Purple People Eater and then act out the story during the song. This is great for ages 2–8.

(12) Thriller/Heads Will Roll (By: The Glee Cast) This would be for older students to get their zombie on! It might be a little too scary for little kids. Students can copy the moves and come up with some of their own zombie grooves. Great for ages 10 and up.

(13) Monster Boogie (By: Laurie Berkner) All the kids in this video have really cute masks they’ve made. This would be another one that comes with a perfect craft idea. It’s more of a free dance and that is an awesome way for kids to make up their own moves. This is great for ages 2–10.

(14) Spooky Walk (Song by: Newbridge Song for Learning/Video by: Mikayla’s Words) This video provides a little something for the kids to look at, but it may be more fun just to play this one and go on a big adventure! This is great for ages 3–10.

(15) Five Little Pumpkins (By: The Kiboomers) This cute rhyme has lots of book versions too. You could read the book to your class, make pumpkins and then have the kids take turns playing one of the five pumpkins! This is great for ages 2–8.

Do you have any favorites that didn’t make the list? Leave a comment, so we can keep this list going! Happy Halloween!



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