Glee Season 1: Ranking EVERY Song

And looking at the stats! It has been a decade since we’ve watched New Directions take a JOURNEY into our homes and hearts. Let’s look back at which season one songs stood the test of time and which deserve a slushy to the face.

I had not watched Glee in years, but my three year old loves all things musical, so I threw on the pilot to see if she would like it. She got HOOKED. We listen to Glee all day everyday. Now, when she hears the original songs, she says that Kelly Clarkson is singing Glee, not the other way around. She hasn’t quite caught on to what a cover song is. It opened her eyes to a bunch of incredible songs and allowed me to rewatch with fresh eyes. Let’s take a look at season one.

Here are some fun season one STATS: (The full ranking list will follow)


Rachel- 11, Will- 7, Finn/Mercedes- 5, Quinn/Artie/Tina/Kurt- 3


Rachel- 13, Finn- 8, Will- 7, Mercedes- 5


#1 Episode 1, #2 Episode 15, #3 Episode 18, #4 Episode 13, #5 Episode 7


Three way tie: Episode 1,2,3

I thought it was interesting that Episode one had the most “best” and the most “worst” songs. It was just majorly song heavy! Either way, it was an iconic episode.

Top 10 Best Selling Season 1 Songs according to the Billboard Hot 100: Don’t Stop Believin’, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Poker Face, Jessie’s Girl, Dream On, Like a Prayer, Somebody to Love, It’s My Life/Confessions, Defying Gravity, I Dreamed a Dream

On to the full ranking list!

I had made a ranking list right after season one back in the day for a now defunct site. I still had it saved in my handy dandy google docs and I was surprised how much my opinions had changed. Here is a fresh look at the songs from season one and there are links to the videos as well, so you can jump right back in. Come on Gleeks, let’s pretend they are all happy and alive and that not a single one of them watched kiddy porn! Yahoo!

I divided the songs into the obvious categories:

Thrown into the Dumpster: THE WORST SET IT ON FIRE

Slushy to the Face: EHHHHH I could live with never hearing it again

Ugly Rachel Sweater: Decent but not my fave

Breadstix Gift Certificate: Deserving of praise

Slaps Like Sectionals: Makes a playlist

Rocks Like Regionals: Makes THE playlist

Wins at Nationals: If this isn’t on your Glee playlist are you even a Gleek?


116. Thong Song (Episode 8) Performed by: Will Schuester

For some inexplicable reason, the writers on this show loved to have Matt Morrison rap and act sexy. I still don’t understand why. Did they think it was edgy, because he was the teacher? Nothing about Matt Morrison is edgy. He’s like a vanilla milkshake.

115. Where is Love (Episode 1) Performed by: Sandy Ryerson & Hank

This lovely song is what led to Rachel telling on the former Glee teacher about being inappropriate with students. (Leading to a teacher who performs the Thong Song and I Wanna Sex You Up.) Ohio is so weird. Poor Hank never made it into New Directions.

114. I Wanna Sex You Up (Episode 3) Performed by: Acafellas

God help us all, Will recruits students Finn and Puck to sing sex songs with his acapella group and it is truly unfathomable. What teacher does that? I mean, it is funny and entertaining, but just NO.

113. Le Freak (Episode 2) Performed by: New Directions

The horrible dance moves and New Directions desire to NOT do disco left us with this number. It’s special. It is supposed to be kind of bad.

112. Ice Ice Baby (Episode 17) Performed by: Will Schuester & New Directions

It made me grimace when they had Will rap all the time back then, and my feelings have not changed. Not fun. I don’t even like the original of this song.

111. You’re Having My Baby (Episode 10) Performed by: Finn Hudson

This is supposed to be hellishly awkward and it totally is. Finn sings this at dinner with Quinn’s family. It will not ever be on my playlist.

110. The Climb (Episode 18) Performed by: Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry has Laryngitis and cannot sing in tune. It’s impressive that she has a voice at all with laryngitis and it is too bad we never got a version of Lea Michele singing this song.

109. Crazy in Love/Hair (Episode 11) Performed by: New Directions

This may be the worst mashup Glee ever did. It makes my ears bleed for some reason and it isn’t Artie or Mercedes’ fault, it’s whoever arranged this hot mess. BLUGH.

108. Beth (Episode 20) Performed by: New Direction Boys

Aside from the weirdness of singing this ballad to a bunch of people dressed in Lady Gaga costumes, we also have most of the guys singing and NO harmony. Groups of people should never sing together unless there is harmony.

107. Cabaret (Episode 5) Performed by: Rachel Berry

Rachel sings a bit of this while being heckled by Sandy and it is funny.


106. That’s The Way I Like it/Shake Your Booty (Episode 1) Performed by: McKinley High Glee Club 1993- You would have to catch the actual performance in a deleted scene. It’s Will back in his Glee club days remembering how much joy it brings him. Emma showing him this number keeps him from becoming an accountant for the fake baby.

105. This is How We Do It (Episode 3) Performed by: Acafellas

The acapellas formed and immediately began rehearsing this song. Ah, Acafellas, maybe if they had revisited them here and there I would have cared more.

104. Poison (Episode 3) Performed by: Acafellas

I don’t hate the Acafellas. I find them entertaining, but not enough to want to hear them sing this song all the time. It is not on any of my playlists.

103. Bust a Move (Episode 8) Performed by: Will Schuester and New Directions

Stop. Rapping. Will. Please. I. Am. Begging. You.

102. All By Myself (Episode 2) Performed by: Emma Pillsbury

I actually love this and wish we got a full version of Emma cry singing it in her car. However, it would most definitely get her slushied to the face.

101. Run Joey Run (Episode 17) Performed by: Various Cast

Rachel films a music video with some of the cast and it is hilarious and bad.

100. Mr. Cellophane (Episode 1) Performed by: Kurt Hummel

We only get to hear a second, but the hair flick on the falsetto is everything. It’s a great first look at Kurt’s character, but let’s face it, also would have gotten him slushied.

99. One Less Bell to Answer/A House is Not a Home (Episode 16) Performed by: April Rhodes & Will Schuester

I love both their voices, but I found this duet to be so boring. My daughter loves Mr. Schuester, but even she doesn’t ask to hear this song.

98. Daydream Believer (Episode 19) Performed by: Bryan Ryan

It’s very short, but we get a hilarious flashback of Will and Bryan Ryan in highschool.

97. Pink Houses (Episode 18) Performed by: Kurt Hummel

Kurt has an identity crisis and belts out this number. It’s….fine.


96. Funny Girl (Episode 20) Performed by: Shelby Corcoran

I hit a point with Kristin and Idina where I just got kind of over it, and I’m a musical theatre kid through and through. I would just rather hear Tina or MATT get to sing or hear Brittany and Santana get to sing some solos season one than Shelby or April. This is a fine solo.

95. Last Name (Episode 5) Performed by: April Rhodes

Like I said in the previous song, I hit a wall with Shelby and April where I stopped enjoying them as much as characters. This was fun, but I’m not a huge fan of this version of the song.

94. For He’s a Jolly Good Fella (Episode 3) Performed by: Acafellas

This is the moment that a bunch of the adult dude characters realize they can improvisationally harmonize together. Thus, the Acafellas were born.

93. Push It (Episode 2) Performed by: New Directions

New Directions refuses to do Disco in front of the school, which leads them to choose Salt-N-Pepa’s Push It. They full on hump each other in this over the top number that isn’t bad, it’s just A LOT.

92. Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat (Episode 1) Performed by: New Directions

I find this first New Directions performance to be charming. Sure, it probably WOULD get them thrown in a dumpster, but a really cute dumpster.

91. Tell Me Something Good (Episode 21) Performed by: Will Schuester

Mr. Schue tries to seduce Sue and it is as exciting as you would expect.

90. I could Have Danced All Night (Episode 8) Performed by: Emma Pillsbury

I love Jayma Mays and she has a really pretty voice. It’s sweet and fun, though really wrong that she is in love with Will and marrying someone else.

89. Don’t Stand So Close To Me/Young Girl (Episode 10) Performed by: Will Schuester

Rachel has a crush on Mr. Schuester for a second. He does everything he can to fend her off, through song, of course.

88. Papa Don’t Preach (Episode 11) Performed by: Quinn Fabray & Puck

I always sing songs about getting knocked up and making my dad mad when I’m babysitting children. Seriously, Quinn might be the worst babysitter of all time.

87. Crush (Episode 10) Performed by: Rachel Berry

Not my favorite of Rachel’s solos, but fun.

86. Good Vibrations (Episode 21) Performed by: Various Cast

The best part of this, other than Mercedes hitting some wicked notes with ease, is Mr. Schue giving Finn and Puck a WTF look at the beginning. Is he mad because this would have been a perfect song for him to annoyingly rap?

85. It’s a Man’s Man’s World (Episode 21) Performed by: Quinn Fabray

This song is a bit bigger than what they usually give Dianna Agron and she does a passable version, complete with many pregnant dancers around her.

84. Physical (Episode 17) Performed by: Sue Sylvester and Olivia Newton John

It was iconic that they got THE Olivia Newton John to redo this video with Sue. I’ve never been a big fan of the song, which is why it is ranked so low for me.

83. Piano Man (Episode 19) Performed by: Will Schuester & Bryan Ryan

We only get to hear a little bit of this duet, but the harmony is great. These two clearly had fun together.

82. Hello Goodbye (Episode 14) Performed by: New Directions

Some great harmony on a Beatles number. It shows the push and pull between Rachel and Finn. It’s not quite as memorable as some of the others.

81. To Sir With Love (Episode 22) Performed by: New Directions

The kids to a sweet tribute to Mr. Schue and it is exactly that. Super sweet.

80. I Say A Little Prayer (Episode 2) Performed by: Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez, and Brittany Pierce

It’s iconic because it the first number we get with the cheerios trio. Their dancing is adorable. My only problem is it sounds like a track and that Santana and Brittany aren’t actually singing.


79. Over the Rainbow (Episode 22) Performed by: Will & Puck

This sweet duet with smooth harmonies was the song Mr. Schue sang to the kids to celebrate getting a second year of the Glee club.

78. My Life Would Suck Without You (Episode 13) Performed by: Rachel & New Directions

Mr. Schuester couldn’t come to the competition because of the mattress commercial debacle, so the kids prepare this little Kelly Clarkson number for him after.

77. You Keep Me Hanging On (Episode 7) Performed by: Quinn Fabray

This suits Dianna’s lovely lilt and she gets to let out all her Quinn anger. This kind of Motown really suits her.

76. Shout it Out Loud (Episode 20) Performed by: New Direction Boys

Most of the guys go full KISS, costumes, makeup and everything. It’s fun and flashy.

75. Endless Love (Episode 10) Performed by: Rachel Berry & Will Schuester

It’s a beautiful duet with great harmony. It’s a bit awkward because it is teacher/student, but other than that, a nice number.

74. Goldigger (Episode 2) Performed by: Will Schuester and New Directions

Points off for Will rapping, but Amber Riley absolutely kills the singing.

73. And I Am Telling You/Proud Mary (Episode 13) Performed by: Jane Addams Choir

The performers they cast in the Jane Addams Choir were awesome! They sang the shit out of the small clips we saw of these songs. Points off for the fact they cheated at sectionals though!

72. What a Girl Wants (Episode 8) Performed by: Rachel Berry

We only get a few seconds of Rachel singing some classic Christina Aguilera. It’s gorgeous, I just wish we got to hear the whole thing.

71. Jessie’s Girl (Episode 18) Performed by: Finn Hudson

Finn is trying to win Rachel from Jesse. They probably named Jesse just to get this song in there. It’s a solid Finn solo.

70. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Episode 13) Performed by: New Directions

The New Directions magically put this number together for competition and it is a solid performance.

69. A House is Not a Home (Episode 16) Performed by: Kurt Hummel & Finn Hudson

This may be some of the highest notes Cory had to hit in this beautiful rendition of a classic. It’s beautiful, but a little forgettable.

68. Like a Virgin (Episode 15) Performed by: Various Cast

I love the harmonies, but it is one of the only sequences I fast forward for my three year old because everyone is about to have sex and it is just a bit innapropriate. We’ll stick with just kissies for now.

67. Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ (Episode 1) Performed by: Young Finn Hudson

This may have been a really short scene, but baby Finn was so cute and had a great voice!

66. Hello (Episode 14) Performed by: Rachel Berry & Jesse St. James

I don’t know what was with all the library singing in season one, but this is a lovely duet by real life best friends.

65. Defying Gravity (Episode 9) Performed by: Rachel Berry & Kurt Hummel

Another singer forced to botch their ending so that Rachel seems like the best. I wasn’t a fan of when they did it to Tina and I wasn’t a fan of it here. Just spread the solos around! At the same time, Lea Michele makes a great argument for why she should play Elphaba in the movie version.

64. Fire (Episode 16) Performed by: Will Schuester & April Rhodes

This is a fun duet with these two characters and I you get Kristin Chenoweth on roller skates.

63. You’re the One That I Want (Episode 1) Performed by: New Directions

This is fabulous just to get to see Finn be terrified of Rachel. You can’t beat the first time Finn sings with the club.

62. U Can’t Touch This (Episode 17) Performed by: Various Cast

Artie rapping is way better than Will rapping. (Thank you, Kevin McHale) Also, they are all dancing in MC Hammer pants in the library.


61. Jump (Episode 12) Performed by: New Directions

Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I wonder how long it took them to choreograph and film this song. (I also wonder late into the night why Dijon Talton never got any lines and solos and then was just gone season 2.) In this song, they are jumping and flipping on mattresses and it ends with Amber Riley hitting one of the highest notes of all time.

60. Alone (Episode 5) Performed by: April Rhodes and Will Schuester

This is my favorite of the April/Will duets and I love this song. Kristin really got to belt her face of on Glee.

59. Hello, I Love You (Episode 14) Performed by: Finn Hudson

It’s a Finn music video and Cory has a blast! He really does have a great voice for The Doors.

58. Sweet Caroline (Episode 8) Performed by: Puck and New Directions

This is Puck’s first solo on the show and I always loved his version of this Neil Diamond classic.

57. Dream a Little Dream of Me (Episode 19) Perfomed by: Artie Abrams & New Directions

I have such a crush on Kevin McHale and this is one of my favorite songs, so the combination is just so wonderful for me. Tina and Mike have a sweet tap number during this too.

56. Imagine (Episode 11) Performed by: Haverbook Deaf Choir & New Directions

This is a powerful and emotional performance and one of the reasons I love showing my daughter Glee even though she is so young. Glee really was inclusive and breaking barriers in so many ways!

55. What it Feels Like For a Girl (Episode 15) Performed by: New Directions Boys

I had forgotten about this song and really enjoyed it upon rewatching. The harmonies are great and we usually only got uptempos when the boys all sang together.

54. One (Episode 18) Performed by: New Directions

This is a moving group number. For some reason, it has never been as memorable to me as some others, but it is really good.

53. Another One Bites the Dust (Episode 21) Performed by: Vocal Adrenaline

I’m a huge Jonathan Groff fan, so he can basically sing the phone book and I’m down. This is a sassy Vocal Adrenaline number where they try to show New Directions that they’ve still got it. Spoiler, they do in fact still got it.

52. Can’t Fight This Feeling (Episode 1) Performed by: Finn Hudson

It’s the first time we here Finn sing ever and Cory was such a fabulous, untrained tenor. He sings a longer version later in the series and the song is a perfect fit on his voice.

51. Dancing With Myself (Episode 9) Performed by: Artie Abrams

Of all the talk of vocals on Glee, not enough credit is lavished on the epic voice of Kevin McHale. My daughter LOVES all Artie songs, especially from season one.


50. Tonight (Episode 4) Performed by: Tina Cohen-Chang

I don’t know why Glee has to do Jenna so dirty. She has a flawless, musical theatre soprano and they force her to botch the note so that Rachel can play Maria. I would have loved if neither Rachel or Mercedes got Rachel and it went to Tina.

49. Highway to Hell (Episode 14) Performed by: Vocal Adrenaline

Who knew Jonathan Groff could sing that high! Is there anything he can’t do?

48. Gives You Hell (Episode 14) Performed by: Rachel Berry & New Directions

This is different than Rachel’s usual solos and it is fun for her to unleash her vengeance on Finn.

47. Give up the Funk (Episode 21) Performed by: New Directions

New Directions scares Vocal Adrenaline with some heartfelt funk. It’s fun because it isn’t super choreographed and all the actors are just having a blast.

46. Ride Wit Me (Episode 7) Performed by: New Directions

This unscripted jam system is possibly the most fun we ever saw the cast have with each other on screen. They are all dancing and singing a capella live.

45. I Kissed a Girl (Episode 1) Performed by: Tina Cohen-Chang

Sure, we didn’t get to hear the full performance on the episode, but Jenna Ushkowitz sang the shit out of this Katy Perry tune. Go watch the full performance, because she was having a blast!

44. Loser (Episode 21) Performed by: Various Cast

Finn and Puck join various characters working at Sheets N Things and it ends up a really fun performance that is different than the Glee norm.

43. Bootylicious (Episode 11) Performed by: Jane Addams Girls Choir

I don’t know why they had the choir decide to cheat because they could have beat New Directions fair and square.

42. 4 Minutes (Episode 15) Performed by: Mercedes Jones & Kurt Hummel

Kurtcedes is one of my favorite Glee friendships and I wish they had gotten more duets in later seasons. This is when they join the cheerios and perform this fab song with them in the gymn.

41. Rose’s Turn (Episode 18) Performed by: Kurt Hummel

Kurt finally gets to belt out a GIANT musical theatre solo with ALL the stops. Chris Colfer brings it!

40. Home (Episode 16) Performed by: April Rhodes & New Directions

This is a gorgeous version of a beloved musical theatre classic. Kristin Chenoweth is getting to show off some of her high belting chops as well.

39. Dream On (Episode 19) Performed by: Will Schuester & Bryan Ryan

This duet was my favorite part of Neil Patrick Harris guest starring. The idea that this is what they would sing for a Les Miserables audition is pretty spectacular.

38. Smile (Episode 12) Performed by: Rachel Berry & Finn Hudson

I love this song and their duet is the cutest and their harmony is fab!

37. On My Own (Episode 1) Performed by: Rachel Berry

When Rachel Berry sings this song from the seminal classic Les Mis, all us Musical Theatre people were like, um go play this on Broadway stat. She sounded better than the Eponine I saw in NYC.

Flashback to baby Lea when she WAS in Les Mis in NYC!

36. Hate On Me (Episode 7) Performed by: Mercedes Jones & New Directions

Mercedes gets to let it ALL out and Tina and Santana have a lot of fun on either side of her.

35. Leavin’ on a Jet Plane (Episode 1) Performed by: Will Schuester

This is one of my favorite Matt Morrison performances. Simple, beautiful and really moving. Much better than all the rapping!

34. Smile (Episode 12) Performed by: New Directions

This is a hauntingly beautiful version of the classic song. It is so soothing and smooth.

33. The Lady is a Tramp (Episode 18) Performed by: Mercedes Jones & Puck

Puck sings his heart out and then Mercedes jumps up for some scatting and harmony and her signature ending.

32. Poker Face (Episode 20) Performed by: Rachel Berry & Shelby Corcoran

It’s an odd song to sing with your birth mom, but I loved the harmony they came up with. I may have sang along to this 800 times in my car. Someone right a Broadway musical about a mother and daughter for these two.

31. Bust Your Windows (Episode 3) Performed by: Mercedes Jones

Mercedes thinks her and Kurt are dating, and it is a sad state many of us has been in with our closeted guy friends when we were young. When she thinks he actually likes Rachel, we get this fab number where Amber Riley sings the stuffings out of it and Heather Morris is dancing her ASS off in the background.

30. I’ll Stand By You (Episode 10) Performed by: Finn Hudson

I know I said we are pretending everyone is alive and well and on the up and up, but every once in awhile it just hits me, and when I was reviewing where to place this song, I got very sad all over again. His vocals are so beautiful on this one.

29. Respect (Episode 1) Performed by: Mercedes Jones

We get a few glorious seconds of Amber Riley singing this song. It’s the first time we hear Mercedes sing and I remember being in awe. Amber was just getting started.

28. Maybe This time (Episode 5) Performed by: Rachel Berry and April Rhodes

This duet is epic and all the many duets between Rachel and Shelby and this between her and April shows how truly epic Lea’s voice is. She can outsing Broadway’s best because she is one of Broadway’s best.

27. Vogue (Episode 15) Performed by: Sue Sylvester

They redo this Madonna video shot for shot. I love anytime Artie is in director mode and whenever Mercedes and Kurt are helping Sue with anything. This is iconic at this point.

26. Open Your Heart/Borderline (Episode 15) Performed by: Rachel Berry & Finn Hudson

I love this duet and the mashup of these two songs. Their harmony is fantastic. I listened to this one on repeat.


25. Take a Bow (Episode 2) Performed by: Rachel Berry

Lea grabs a bow and arrow and kills this song with huge exciting held notes and runs at the end. This is before we knew she would do this to EVERY song.

24. No Air (Episode 7) Performed by: Rachel & Finn & New Directions

The best part of this performance is how pissed Quinn looks the entire time. Cory and Lea’s vocals are flawless in this.

23. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Episode 17) Performed by: Rachel & Various Cast

This song ended up so overdone on American Idol that I forgot how good the Glee version is. You get Rachel in a terrible sweater and cross shots of Lea Michele literally on pointe while Jonathan Groff whips her all over the place.

22. Keep Holding On (Episode 7) Performed by: Rachel & Finn & New Directions

I love when the Glee version far outshines the original. I love this Avril Lavigne song, but the Glee song just moves me. I love the vocals, the harmony, and how the song fits into the episode to be there for a distraught Quinn.

21. The Boy is Mine (Episode 18) Performed by: Mercedes Jones and Santana Lopez

Finally, we hear Santana sing for the first time and it is epic. I was like, oh my god can she start singing EVERYTHING. Naya Rivera is SO talented and her autobiography is great, buy it.

20. Bohemian Rhapsody (Episode 22) Performed by: Vocal Adrenaline

This is a flawless performance from Jonathan Groff AND Quinn has her baby!

19. Beautiful (Episode 16) Performed by: Mercedes Jones & New Directions

I’m a giant Xtina stan, so I’m pretty picky about anyone else singing this ever. However, Amber Riley has the voice of an angel sent down from the skies, so she can sing literally anything ever. She has one of the biggest ranges on planet earth.

18. Rehab (Episode 1) Performed by: Vocal Adrenaline

Another epic Vocal Adrenaline performance. I would love to hear interviews of everyone who had to do the VA songs and how long they had to rehearse to make it happen so perfectly.

17. It’s My Life/My Confessions (Episode 6) Performed by: New Directions Boys

I know drugs are bad, but the episode where Terry gives all the kids uppers is hilarious and the mash-ups are high energy masterpieces. The New Direction boys KILL this!

16. Mercy (Episode 3) Performed by: Vocal Adrenaline

Vocal Adrenaline performances are insane and it is a wonder that the kids from New Directions ever beat them at all. Yeah yeah, I get it, it’s all about heart, but seriously.

15. The Safety Dance (Episode 19) Performed by: Artie Abrams

This was my daughter’s favorite song for like six months, and I can’t disagree with her. It is fun. Kevin’s vocals are stupendous and there is mall dancing! I can listen to this everyday.

14. Lean On Me (Episode 10) Performed by: New Directions

Artie and Mercedes take lead and I absolutely love whenever they sing together. This is one of my favorite versions of this song of a million covers.

13. Bad Romance (Episode 20) Performed by: New Direction Girls & Kurt Hummel

The Gaga costumes alone make this one of the most memorable performances of all time. I enjoy this version even more than the original and everyone is doing their best to look like they are having a blast in what seems to be VERY uncomfortable costumes.

12. Halo/Walking on Sunshine (Episode 6) Performed by: New Direction Girls

I’ve heard that Jenna Ushkowitz’s neck has never been the same after doing this dance 800 times. The high energy and the note that Lea Michele hits at the end is pure insanity. I could watch it everday.

11. Express Yourself (Episode 15) Performed by: New Direction Females

Oh man, this was instantly iconic to me. The costumes were spectacular and I love the message. I like it better than the original and the girls just look like they are having a ball!

10. I Dreamed a Dream (Episode 19) Performed by: Rachel Berry & Shelby Corcoran

This is one of my favorite duets of all time. Yeah, I said it. The harmony absolutely slays me and Rachel taking it up higher than the original. I mean, forget her playing Eponine, let her play Fantine YESTERDAY!

9. Proud Mary (Episode 9) Performed by: Mercedes & Artie & New Directions

I loved this song where all the kids have to get a better understanding of what Artie has to go through on a daily basis. Though, I hear during rehearsals Amber Riley flipped her wheelchair and Lea Michele fell backwards in hers? I wonder which was tougher, this or jumping and flipping on the mattresses? Kevin McHale’s vocals are astonishing on this one too, who knew he could sing SO LOW?

8. True Colors (Episode 11) Performed by: Tina Cohen-Chang

This is one of my favorite Glee songs and also my favorite cover of this song ever. Seriously, it is CRIMINAL how few solos Jenna Ushkowitz got throughout the seasons of Glee. Jenna can you hear me? Release original music? Can you and Kevin start a band?

7. And I Am Telling You (Episode 13) Performed by: Mercedes Jones

Literally, Amber Riley has played this on THE WEST END. That is London’s Broadway. Her vocals are on par with Jennifer Hudson’s and Jennifer is one of the best living singers in the world. It’s truly unbelievable.

6. Don’t Rain on My Parade (Episode 13) Performed by: Rachel Berry

Lea Michele hit this so far out of the park they had her perform the exact rendition at the TONY AWARDS. I mean, Christ on a Cracker this cast is so talented.

5. Taking Chances (Episode 4) Performed by: Rachel Berry

It is appalling that they didn’t play more of her version of this on the actual show. They only let us see like 10 seconds. The full song was released, thank the god I don’t believe in, because I listened to this one million times. It is amazing.

4. Don’t Stop Believing (Episode 1) Performed by: Rachel & Finn & New Directions

This was the song that started an era and I know most of the cast hate performing it and look back on it with disdain, but for us fans, it is so special.

3. Faithfully Journey Regionals Medley (Episode 22) Performed by: New Directions

This makes me burst into tears whenever I watch it now, and I know we are pretending everything is super dooper, but OMG I can’t. The harmonies and the notes Lea jumps to are insane. The whole Medley is great, but Faithfully is the best. It also includes ANOTHER rendition of Don’t Stop Believing. It is the Glee-est thing ever.

2. Like a Prayer (Episode 15) Performed by: New Directions

My daughter isn’t as into this song as me, but when they showed the commercial for this episode with just Lea on stage singing the opening, I think I might have fainted. It is one billion times better than the original, which was already a good song.

1. Somebody to Love (Episode 5) Performed by: New Directions

Cory’s vocals at the beginning of this song warm my heart everytime. I love every second of their rendition and Amber Riley’s huge end to the bridge is life changing. Goddamn, season one of Glee really was awesome guys.

That will do it everyone! I hope you enjoyed this musical trip down Glee season one memory lane. Keep a look out for the season two version! Coming soon!



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