Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: A Scientific Ranking

Which of these ladies do you blame for the demise of the series?


The Fans Get Their Say: (twitter followers)

  1. LVP: 1.8 M — 20 pts

Bonus points:


She is describing her own screen presense.

Teddi Mellencamp- Score: 28

She’s mad she ended up this low. It’s just the numbers.

Eileen Davidson- Score: 48

Adrienne always had a hard time with basic human emotions.

Adrienne Maloof- Score: 57

She makes a surprised face over just about everything.

Dorit Kemsley- Score: 69

This is Lauren Conrad levels of epic.

Taylor Armstrong- Score: 84

It sure doesn’t look like it.

Erika Girardi- Score: 85

A star is born.

Lisa Rinna- Score: 92

How did SHE not end up Jesus jugs?

Camille Grammar- SCORE: 93

Iconic. Danny Pellegrino should do a whole episode on this moment.
Legitimate question that Adrienne can’t even answer.

Yolanda Hadid- Score: 115

As opposed to a slut llama.

Kim Richards- Score: 129

Did she wash her hands after she did meth in the bathroom all night?
Sorry, Kim gifs are just the best.
She just drinks 4 gallons of wine by noon.

Brandi Glanville- Score: 130

Run, Kyle, run!

Kyle Richards- Score: 154

Lisa Vanderpump- Score: 199



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